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Monuments Bundle


Monuments Bundle

This bundle includes drum transcriptions and drum multi-tracks from the Monuments album titled 'Phronesis'. I had the opportunity to track drums for this record after my departure from the band.

This bundle includes drums-only audio bounces from the album drum sessions, drum multi-tracks from my Youtube videos, drum multi-tracks from the album drum sessions for select songs, and drum transcriptions for select songs.

All multi-tracks are 44.1 kHz/24 bit, and the drum transcriptions come in numerous formats: gp, gp5, gpx, and PDF.


NOTE: This bundle does not include any audio from the official release. The only audio provided are drum multi-tracks.


This Bundle Includes:

- Drum Transcriptions for A.W.O.L., Ivory, Stygian Blue, Vanta: gp, gp5, gpx, PDF

- Drum Multi-Tracks for Youtube Drum Videos - A.W.O.L., Ivoery, Stygian Blue

- Drum Multi-Tracks from Album Drum Sessions - A.W.O.L., Ivory, Stygian Blue, Vanta, Hollow King, Leviathan

- Stereo Drums-Only Audio Bounces from Album Drum Sessions - A.W.O.L., Ivory, Stygian Blue, Vanta