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Anup Sastry - Illuminate


Illuminate EP

1.) Origin

2.) This World (feat. Chaney Crabb)

3.) Where I Belong (feat. Andy Cizek)

4.) Illuminate (feat. Mike Semesky)

5.) Counting Eyes (feat. Adam Bentley)

6.) Beneath the Mask (feat Andy Cizek)

7.) Story of Us (feat. Andy Cizek)

8.) This World (Instrumental)

9.) Where I Belong (Instrumental)

10.) Illuminate (Instrumental)

11.) Beneath the Mask (Instrumental)

12. Story of Us (Instrumental)

Released June 18, 2019

Anup Sastry - Production, Song Writing, Mixing, Mastering, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Piano, Orchestration, Percussion, Arrangement, Composer, Sound Design, Backing Vocals, Choir, Vocal Mixing, Vocal Production

Randy Slaugh - Additional Orchestration, Choir, and Production on "Where I Belong", "Illuminate", and "Story Of Us"; Additional Orchestration and Production on "Counting Eyes"

Chaney Crabb - Vocals and Vocal Production on "This World"

Navene Koperweis - Vocal Engineering, Vocal Production, and Vocal Mixing on "This World"

Andy Cizek - Vocals, Vocal Engineering, and Vocal Production on "Where I Belong", "Beneath the Mask", and "Story Of Us"

Mike Semesky - Vocals, Vocal Engineering, and Vocal Production on "Illuminate"

Adam Bentley - Guitar Solo on "Counting Eyes"

Maru Martinez - Additional Backing Vocals and Choir on "Where I Belong", "Illuminate", "Counting Eyes", and "Story Of Us"

Choir Members - Austin Bentley, Rachel Robison, Karlton Peterson, Joseph Facer, Andres Cardenas, Mac Christensen, Michelle Peterson, Rocky Schofield, Randy Slaugh