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Anup Sastry

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege & opportunity to work with a variety of bands and artists. Below is a compilation of artwork from some of the music I’ve worked on. I started doing Youtube videos back in 2011. And soon after, I was touring & working with numerous bands & artists.

I started playing live & writing music with a band called Intervals (A Voice Within, In Time, The Space Between). Soon after, I started working with another band called Skyharbor (Guiding Lights). A year after joining both of those groups, I started touring with Jeff Loomis as his live drummer for his solo material. Although I’ve never recorded with Jeff, we made a lot of great memories traveling around together playing music. I’ve toured with other artists as a fill-in drummer, including Zeal & Ardor, Marty Friedman, Polyphia, & Chimp Spanner. I recorded studio drums for Devin Townsend (Empath, The Puzzle), as well as studio drums for Marty Friedman (Inferno, Wall Of Sound, Tokyo JukeBox 3). I was also in a band called Monuments. Although this only lasted for a short period of time, I did have the privilege of recording live drums for their album Phronesis. I recorded drums & performed live for a guitarist based out of Hong Kong named Jason Kui (Naka, Absence of Words).

I’ve been very fortunate, in that, music has allowed me to travel all over the world & meet wonderful people. I’ve made a lot of friends, & a lot of music with friends, & I hope to continue creating music with new musicians & artists.