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Drum Transcriptions Volume 1


Drum Transcriptions Volume 1

This is the first compilation of drum transcriptions I've put together, all for songs I've engineered/performed/recorded drums for. This pack includes select songs by Devin Townsend (Empath), Monuments (Phronesis), Skyharbor, Intervals, as well as other session work I've recorded for artists. I've also included drum transcriptions for two of my own EP's, Bloom and Titan.

The entire pack has transcriptions for 30 songs. I've also included numerous Guitar Pro formats for each transcription, including gp, gp5, gpx, and PDF.

The drums were transcribed by Brody Smith. Huge thanks to Brody smith for all of his hard work.

PLEASE NOTE: This pack doesn't include any audio files or mixes. It only includes numerous formats for Guitar Pro: gp, gp5, gpx, and PDF.

Songs Included:

Anup Sastry - Enigma

Anup Sastry - Bloom

Anup Sastry - Villain

Anup Sastry - Memoirs Part I

Anup Sastry - Memoirs Part II

Anup Sastry - Titan

Anup Sastry - Perspective

Anup Sastry - Dreamer

Anup Sastry - Pariah

Devin Townsend - Evermore

Devin Townsend - Genesis

Devin Townsend - Singularity - Here Comes The Sun

Devin Townsend - The Waiting Kind

Grimzee - Tape Shift

Monuments - A.W.O.L.

Monuments - Ivory

Monuments - Stygian Blue

Monuments - Vanta

Skyharbor - Allure

Skyharbor - Catharsis

Skyharbor - Dots

Skyharbor - Evolution

Intervals - Automaton

Intervals - Ephemeral

Intervals - Moment Marauder

Intervals - Siren Sound

Intervals - Still Winning

Anup Sastry Youtube Video - Anderson Paak - Put You On

Anup Sastry Youtube Video - Aesop Rock - Rings

Anup Sastry Youtube Video - Bruno Mars - That's What I Like